Secure Data & User Connectivity

GSM SIM Connectivity

Lone Workers, Employees, Critical Services, Telecare, Health & Assisted Living Applications

Caburn Connect provides a suite of complementary connectivity solutions ideal for IoT deployments. We provide licensed GSM IoT connectivity solutions as well as more specialised solutions. We manage a series of protocols and network API, allowing our clients to have visibility & control of their device’s data, SMS or voice usage.

Our connectivity solutions provide maximum geographical coverage. Data requirements are managed and limitable, while telephone numbers are authoriseable. A valuable security mechanism for mission-critical services.

  • Multinetwork Roaming

Our multinetwork solutions are ideal for applications requiring extensive geographical reach or remote area access.

Difficult terrain, high local usage, transient or adverse weather conditions can cause individual network to void or cause coverage-shrinkage.

Outage-periods or problems on an individual network can therefore be circumnavigated.

  • Aggregation

We provide a mix of aggregation options so that device and user needs can be pooled between the population. This means that devices which have high peaks of usage are unlikely to trigger penalty charges.

  • Resilient Voice Connectivity

We provide leading edge mobile voice solutions for the telecare, lone worker and health sectors.

These applications require local numbers, secured ‘white lists’ for outbound and/or inbound calls or SMS, or high levels of connectivity via our multinetwork roaming solutions. We offer these options as well as the ability to view and manage costs on a ongoing basis via our management portal.

Connected solutions for a diverse array of IoT applications