Extensive SIM Management System

Providing the Tools to Remain in Complete Control

Our portals provide an easy-to-use SIM management platform. Allowing effective, efficient and secure management of the connectivity of complex, large-scale IoT deployments. Whether mobile, dispersed and static IoT devices. We, therefore, help customers assure their real-time critical day-to-day connectivity of devices. Providing the tools to remain in complete control of individual device’s connectivity as well as organising them into easily manageable groups and sub-groups.

Our customer portals provide you with complete visibility of your SIM estate and immediate visibility of a SIM’s status or usage. Clients can explore, view, control and manage entire, dispersed populations of SIMs in real-time, via a straightforward interface. The status of groups, devices, their detailed connectivity/traffic records can be viewed and analysed. Full usage, costs, trends and exceptions are displayed in dashboards and charts.

The system provides a complex and powerful set of editable functions and API. Forward-looking management utilises predictive data, which forms part of configurable usage warnings and alarms. Auditable and historical information are presented for more detailed analysis or viewing historical or emerging trends.

Operational parameters can be remotely configured and easily modified. Distributor accounts can be configured and branded, meaning multiple sub-distributors can view and operationalise their SIMs hierarchically.

Additional Features

While the system is a standalone solution, it integrates with major Mobile Network Operators and platforms. This allows our SIMs and supporting systems to deliver important operational features for IoT customers. For example, our systems allow the asynchronous management and broadcast of SMS messages including device information, security data or safety alerts to individuals, groups or the entire SIM estate. We provide additional options including VPN, closed or open SMS systems as well as telephone number ‘white-lists’ as an additional security. Problematic devices can be forced by the network to report their status or attempt to change networks. Location-based services can be utilised for poling further device information or local network node.

Key Features

  • Global IoT connectivity
  • Securely managed & resilient enterprise-class SIM connectivity
  • Coverage in more than 190 countries
  • Multinetwork resilience
  • Data, Voice & SMS options
  • Dedicated/cloud-based visibility & control
  • Secure customer web-portal access
  • Full visibility of usage and costs
  • Predictive features to avoid unexpected costs
  • Full SIM history & traffic records
  • Configurable warnings, limits & E-mail notifications and suspensions
  • Management of Sub-Distributors & End Customers
  • Portal rebranding supported
  • Provide full visibility and control of SIMs and their connectivity status
  • Predictive and forward analysis of device trends and likely costs
  • The ability to perform key IoT connectivity queries and tasks
  • The configuration of SIM groups and appropriate levels of hierarchical management access
  • Real-time access to Individual and group level usage data for each SIM type
  • Aggregated dashboards to view trends and approaching data limits
  • Setting of SIM usage limits for defined groups of SIMs
  • The configuration of near or pre-limit alarms to warn of any likely breaches
  • Safeguarding features such as the automatic suspension of ‘rogue’ devices
  • Control of SIM tasks
  • Broadcast/receive and transfer SMS messages to and from devices
  • Dedicated support
  • Advanced warning of network degradation

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