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Safety-Critical Voice IoT Services


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By 2025, the planned closure of the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) means traditional landlines must move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoiceLink is ideal for lift alarms in retail, councils, hospitals, and businesses, improving emergency contact in high-risk locations such as motorways, national grid sites, and petrol stations.

Our managed IoT routers are used for providing secure, reliable, and adaptable connectivity for mission critical and safety applications. Our services are effectively delivering essential connectivity in areas like health, telecare and fire and security. We provide managed IoT routers as a service, including remote management.

Mission Critical Voice & Data Communications Healthcare
We provide mobile network connectivity to organisations needing to deploy resilient solutions for individuals, workers or sites which need enhanced coverage or bespoke services. Our systems and ethos allows us to work with our partners to deliver connectivity solutions and accompanying processes which serve to provide high-quality mobile services and protect end users.
We are a leading mobile voice & data solution provider for the lone worker, telecare and health sectors. These applications often require enhanced support, the added security of local numbers, ‘white lists’ for outbound and/or inbound calls/SMS, Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions and robust multinetwork roaming. We also offer the ability to manage SIM lifecycles, deployments and costs via our extensive management portals.

We provide the facility to register devices with a UK or National telephone number. This allows devices to be called by friends, family or call centres without incurring international call charges. A typical problem for other roaming solution providers and their client’s customer eco-systems.

Our multinetwork solutions are ideal for applications requiring extensive geographical reach or remote area access. Difficult terrain, high local usage, transient or adverse weather conditions can cause individual network to void or cause coverage-shrinkage. Outage-periods or problems on an individual network can therefore be circumnavigated.
Data Monitoring
Our services are underpinned by Virtual Private Network (VPN) options which allow data connections to be encrypted between end-user devices and service applications or Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC’s). Our systems also enable the connection of multiple SIM vendors, unlocking the ability to utilise multiple providers and thereby reduce the likelihood of vendor lock-in.

Our systems allow inbound and outbound calls and SMS to be checked against a configurable approved telephone number list/database. This provides an added layer of privacy and security for end users and their devices. For example, from nuisance calls, or malicious SMS which seek to reconfigure or ‘hack’ devices.

Our systems enable the on-line or off-line status of devices to be queried. We also provide the ability for the location of devices to be queried and mapped based upon information extracted from the local mobile mast data. This is particularly useful for devices which are located indoors and may not be able to send GPS data through the building infrastructure.

Our systems allow critical users such as nurses to edit their voice mail and messaging prompts. This is not typically available on other multi-network roaming services. This means that if the user is busy or unavailable, callers can be prompted to redirect to other NHS services or their peers/colleagues.

Our support teams and operational experts provide a high quality and responsive service to our clients. We proactively help our customers optimise their devices for a multinetwork roaming environment and advise on the best methods to ensure an optimum service based upon their particular needs or solution. This is not as simple as a basic algorithm and requires in-depth understanding of how networks operate and are managed and the types of fail-safes that can help user devices communicate effectively if some parts of the main mobile network operator’s infrastructures suffer individual signalling, or general communication pathway errors or outages.

Data-Voice Call Service Monitoring

Our team of experts develop and operate systems to monitor mobile network activity and report any problems as and when they occur. This means utilising our own and our partners systems to measure activity and session failures across a range of carrier networks, core operator infrastructures and edge devices. We report the status of networks to allow our clients and Alarm Receiving Centres to make informed operational decisions which place the care of end users at the fore.

Discover our multi network voice and data services with extra network security and management features.

Binding Networks and Connecting Services

Critical Voice IoT Connectivity Solutions